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Review: Perlier Ice Body Water

Italian Sorbet Limone Perlier

Normally I don’t like to do my beauty product reviews on the front page, but I had to for Perlier’s Crackling Ice Body Water its just to great of a product not to tell everyone about. That and its kind of a new idea for a moisturizer, that does have a tad bit of a learning curve (okay maybe the curve is just for girls like me) and of course I want to share the latest and the greatest things with you!

First I have to tell you that that I love Perlier I’ve done a ton of reviews of their products, my favorite being the Perlier lotion and shower gel travel set, this one is different though. It’s a moisturizer sure, but not like any I’ve used before, and that smell, not your average scent although still very nice. So here’s how it works.

As soon as I got this stuff out of the box I sprayed some on me, and I have to say I was a little disappointed. Sure it smelled nice and it moisturized well, but where was that crackling, the refreshing feeling. And that when I read that it needed to go in the refrigerator.

After leaving it overnight in the refrigerator I tried again, and I’m so glad I did, because that’s all it needed. Spraying it onto my skin, it actually crackled not exactly in the way I expected but kind of like a noisier version of a soda being shook up.  The moisture was great, even working on elbows and the smell is like a lemon perfect for a “refreshing” product.


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