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Shipshewana Blue Gate Restaurant

Amish Restaurant Menu

After shopping around Shipshewana and then shopping at the Davis Mercantile Building, it really was time for lunch, and I decided on Blue Gate Restaurant, an Amish style restaurant that I knew was good because I’ve been before! We decided on the family style menu, which is kind of like a buffet but a server brings it all to you. 

To start with you get a drink and a loaf of bread. Since I’m kind of watching my weight I decided on water. With the bread come two different sauces, apple butter and Amish peanut butter. They were both fantastic, and you’ll be hearing more about the latter shortly. After that I started to look at the menu.

Amish Style salad

After ordering, the chicken buffet we received a salad while we waited. It was a rather simple one, just lettuce croutons and tomatoes with ranch but that’s what I have at home so I don’t mind. 

Dinner at Blue Gate Restaurant

Now for the main course. On the top left is the bread that I loved with the Amish peanut butter next is the green beans. At a lot of restaurants green beans are tiny and so hard to bite into, but I much prefer these fuller kind. Thank you Amish for having similar tastes to me. Next is mash potatoes another thing that the Amish at Blue Gate Restaurant seem to do well, they actually had real chunks of potatoes. Not as think as Outback Steakhouse but still very good. Then comes the noodles. I love chicken and noodles and these are no exception. The only thing I didn’t like was the fried chicken, because I don’t like any fried chicken.

icecream from turner
amish bread pudding

For desert I had vanilla ice cream. I have to admit that I’m a little disappointed that I decided on that but I was so full after the other food that I didn’t care what I got. Luckily though my mother got bread pudding and I had some of that. I’ve never had bread pudding before this and I have to say its amazing. 

Last but not least, the bill and the only thing I didn’t like about Blue Gate Restaurant. They put the waiters tip in the bill. So if you had a terrible waiter you still had to give them 15% and if you had a great one, too bad. The worst part is that this wasn’t mentioned anywhere on the menu.


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