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Shipshewana Bus Trip

half eaten doughnut

So I’ve talked about what I saw outside Shipshewana, what shops are in Shipshewana, the tree mall and even where to eat in Shipshewana so I figured I should spend a little time talking about how I got there. And if you couldn’t tell from the title I went by bus. This was a trip sponsored by the National Sewing Guild but I wasn’t the only young person on the bus and once you get past the mean old women going to Shipshewana by bus is much better than driving.

Perfect healthy drink

When the bus stopped at a gas station, because this was a long trip, I went inside to get a V8 since tomato juice is one of my favorites. Plus its super healthy. If you look at my hands you can see my LA colors nail polish that is just now starting to chip.

$10 bill

Now I’m not taking this picture to show how much of a gangster I am, actually its money that was given back because the whole bus trip filled up so that gave us a rebate. This is fantastic since the whole point of the trip is to go shopping. They also had a $50 raffle, but I didn’t win that.

popcorn in a bag

Going back to the bus this is all I bought. I’ve been trying really hard to save up my money so this is pretty good, although I do have a few hauls that I’ve done recently so… Oh and I used a reusable bag because I’m trying to be more green.

chocolate diet snacks

These are the snakes that were passed out on the way back during the bus ride. I don’t know who’s idea it was to have 100 calorie treats, but I hate them. The people not the snacks because those weren’t too bad. And that’s it. You can expect a Shipshewana haul coming soon!

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