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Michigan City Washington Park Zoo

While I was in Northern Indiana (remember my Shipshewana trip ) I decided to go to the zoo since it was my birthday and all I figured that I look around in the zoo and an afternoon on the beach would be perfect. I’ve been to the Washington Park Zoo in Michigan City before, but I have to say even though I knew it wasn’t the top zoo (I’m spoiled by the one near me) I expected more. I’m not sure if the zoo has really gone down hill, or if its just me being more observant. I still had a great time though.
Tiger in Zoo

Up first were the tigers. I have to admit that this was my favorite part of the whole zoo. I seriously love tigers, all kinds of cats really. I mean I’ve done random cat photos in posts since the beginning of this blog. I do have to say though that I wish the cages for these cats were a little bigger, or at least had something green in them. It just doesn’t seem fun.

Washington Park Zoo
Michigan City Zoo
animals at Washington park zoo

 Then came the safari animals. Since we went early in the morning (right when the zoo opened) it was feeding time. Already it seems like a native animal knew that it was breakfast time. Those birds, I have no idea what they were doing. Half the time I don’t even know what my own bird is doing.  As hard as I tried, all I got was a zebra butt in the last picture. The fence was so hard to take pictures with that I had to stick my phone in it.

Birds at Michigan City Zoo
Washington Park birds

 More birds. I love the bird house in the first photo Its so green, and it feels like somewhere the birds would actually want to live. By far the best environment in any of the pens that I saw. I mean other than the petting zoo part, but that’s pretty easy to get right. The second photo is a hawk (maybe) that was kept in a large cage. I’m not really sure that it was big enough for the bird.

Reptile castle at Michigan city
Reptile room at Washington Park Zoo

 Reptile Castle. At the Michigan City Zoo there’s this big building that looks like a castle. Its grey and stone, and from the outside actually quite nice looking. From the inside though it is only so so. The lighting isn’t that great, and the glass is reflective! Making it very hard to take photos of all the animals. Something that I’m a little disappointed about. I kind of have this feeling that nonreflective glass is more expensive because the Tippecanoe wildlife center was the same way. 

The reptiles however were very nice looking. Because it was feeding time a few were gone but there were still plenty to look at. I have this feeling that I really just like reptiles because every time I go to the zoo I have to see them. They’re right after cats on the list.

Petting Zoo at Michigan City

The Michigan City Washington park zoo also had a petting zoo featuring all kinds of barn yard animals from rabbits to pigs to goats. Really the only ones that you could go into the pen to pet were the goats but everyone else’s cages were low enough that if they came close enough you could pet them. There’s also a cat that someone brings in with them in the morning. As you can see, a lama was enjoying itself.

Michigan City Zoo
Washington Park Zoo
Michigan City Zoo

The last thing I went to see were the monkeys. I’m not really sure how I feel about monkeys being caged simply because they’re so intelligent I’d be afraid they’d get too bored. They did have a lot of toys in the cages, but I’d say they were small cages and there weren’t any natural environment things for them.

Overall I really did have a good time at the Michigan City Zoo. The animals all look happy and healthy but I really think that the zoo staff needs to work a little on the environment for the animals. I have a feeling part of this is because its expensive to run a zoo and since this is more of a vacation area they don’t get as much admission money, especially in the winter.

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