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How to Wear High Top Sneakers

High Top Sneakers Outfit

Jeans / Tank / Shirt (similar ) / Shoes / Sunglasses 
High Top Sneakers Outfit
After I did my  outfit post on how to wear wedge sneakers, I’ve received a ton of requests to do an outfit featuring high top sneakers. Now I’m not really a big wearer of tennis shoes in general, although I have been warming up to them lately, and very rarely have I worn high tops. High top sneakers just aren’t that big in my area, but if you’re looking to go for the casual chic look these can become a very high fashion piece. I decided to go with a more feminine, rocker look but High Top sneakers can play a lot of different parts.
  • Lime Green High Tops, Pastry – I actually remember a show about the women who owned the pastry brand, but I didn’t really like it all that well. Oh well, at least they make cute shoes. Whenever you’re looking for High tops it can be a little hard to find a pair that isn’t too masculine, like my Puma Wedge sneakers. With this lime green color though there is no way these will be mistaken for you boyfriend’s shoes.
  • Boyfriend Jeans, Citizens of Humanity – These though are supposed to be mistaken for your man’s clothes. These can really had a laid back look to any outfit without making you look like you don’t care how you look. Take a look at my guide to wearing boyfriend jeans for more styling options.
  • Chiffon Blouse, aliexpress – This sheer black blouse reminds me of an item that was in an Oasap giveaway that I did. If I could have been the winner it would have for sure been the one that I picked. A chiffon shirt like this one would look amazing with a bright tank top underneath it, and that’s exactly what I did.
  • Ruffle Tank, gap – Normally for a shirt that’s just supposed to go under something I wouldn’t want it to have any texture. I think though that this is an exception because the shirt that’s over it is sheer. I love the color of this shirt, especially that it matches the shoes.
  • Sunglasses, Toms – Remember when I did my how to wear Toms post? Well I guess they also make sunglasses. But I really like these.  Aviators are kind of my thing. I think that I’ve liked them ever since I saw Cool Hand Luke.
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