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App Review: Hair Salon 2

I love using my iPhone. Its great entertainment if I’m out and need to pass the time. There are so many great game apps to choose from but since I’m not all that big on spending money for these games I love looking at the featured apps on App of the Week. Not only are they great, check out my Cut the Rope review, but they’re also free.  I’ve played the original Hair Salon iPhone app and although it was fun I tend to go for games that build upon themselves like Tiny Monsters because I get too bored with games that don’t. I can say though that I’m very happy that I gave Salon 2 a chance because now its one of my go to games.
Characters in App of the Week 

When you first open the game you’re directed to pick from one of six different characters. Really the only thing that you actually have to look at is if you like their skin color/facial features because you can change everything else. Oh yeah and if you want a beard you have to pick a character that already has one because not everybody in the Hair Salon 2 app can grow one. I was a little sad about that, but I get it… Sort of.

iphone makeover app

 Here’s my Hair Salon 2 character after the makeover. She started out as the one on the bottom left, which you can tell if you look at her eyebrows and freckles. the first thing I did was use some of the growth serum and grow her hair a little longer, then I used the curler on the right and made large barrel curls.  Last came the hair dye. I went for a blond base and then did a few white and hot pink pieces. I was going for my dream hair, and this is it. If I didn’t have to worry about school or a future job then this is what I’d do. 

app of the week makeover

Then came a Hair Salon makeover for one of the guys. He’s the one on the middle left, and has had quite a big change if I do say so myself. I grew out his hair very long, as long as it would grow, curled it and dyed it black with a few blond streaks mostly in the beard. This is kind of my dream hair for my boyfriend except it wouldn’t ever happen. His beard is so rough and corse that there is no way it would ever look like that. I can dream though, right?

Overall I really like this App and am so happy that it was featured on the App of the week. Although I was a little worried I would get tired of it too fast its much better than a cumulative game that I’d feel the need to check all the time, check out my FarmVille Addiction to see how I get about cumulative games and you’ll understand. The only thing I really wish I could change is being able to give the characters makeup! Or at least being able to change their brow color.


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