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Review: Always Ultra Thin Pads

Always Leak Guard and Odor Core Pads

In my Nexplanon Review I talked about how I’d been on my period for the past few months, well its still going on. This of course means a lot of pads (and tampons) are getting used around my house. Now I already have a pad that I’m very found of, which I’ll talk about later, but when I was at the store they were all out so I figured I could go with the Always Ultra Thin Pads because I really do like Always brand feminine hygiene products… or so I thought. These Always Ultra Thin Pads may be the worst pads that I’ve ever had to use. I’m even considering just throwing them out instead of using the rest.

First for the packaging, which I have to say I don’t really mind. Its not nearly as cool as the U by Kotex packaging but there isn’t anything wrong with it. Just a plastic bag, that I kind of wish was cardboard, that’s mostly clear so you can see how many you have left. It has a diagram of what the pads look like and has the Always Ultra Thin name very visible. I also like the little zipper picture at the top even if its pointless. 

As for the use, you’re better off using the Always Infinity Pads even if they’re a few dollars more. For one they’re thinner than the Always Ultra Thin Pads, which is funny because their name would make you think that they’re “ultra thin”. Next the blood actually sits on top of the pad on the Always Ultra Thin ones. I guess they’re serious about the leak protection, because it doesn’t even go through the first layer. I feel like I’m wearing a diaper with them on. Oh yeah, and that oder protection, its nonexistent. 

Overall I really don’t like he Always Ultra Thin Pads, I hate to write bad reviews, but I feel like its necessary because there are so many better options out their. Always even makes one of them, which is why I’m not sure their reasoning on selling the Ultra Thin. These pads don’t absorb anything, don’t keep you from being smelly down their, and aren’t thin. Always Ultra Thin Pads are some of the worst pads I’ve ever used.


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