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Review: HYD Razor Shield

HYD shaving review

I’ve always felt like my razors are quick to go. They get dull quickly and then I have to throw them out. With Razor Shield by HYD though I can lengthen the life of my razors, especially the ones I love like Venus Spa Breeze, saving me money in the long run with very little work.  Not only that, but I’ll get less irritation something that I tend to have problem with when I shave.

The formula is made to keep your razor sharp and your face smooth, this is a men’s shaving item but can still be used by the ladies. Infused with essential oils that smooth and moisturize the skin so that shaving is practically effortless. HYD for men make women want you and men want to be you. 

Razor Shield by HYD creates a liquid barrier protecting razor blades from the corrosive chemical reactions that dull blades and make shaving uncomfortable. Sharp blades coated in our proprietary blend of natural oils keep your face smooth and revitalized making for a clean shave.

Overall I really like the Razor Shield. I really can tell the difference in the amount of time that my blades last now, its so nice that I don’t have to change them out all the time. This is non irritating paraben free and not tested on animals. A great product to try the Razor Shield with is another HYD product  HYD Shave Cream

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