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Review: HYD Shave Cream

HYD for Men

Shave Cream by HYD for men. You might be wondering why exactly I’m reviewing a men’s shaving cream and honestly I don’t have that great of an answer, but I did make my boyfriend try it out too so you will have the view on both how it works on the face and legs. After using the HYD shave cream I can now say that it worked fantastically for both of us, not only that it has a ton of great benefits. To use simply lather on and us a razor like my Bic Soleil Savvy Razor and remove that hair.

Some shave creams leave your skin dried out and dull, making you want to use lotion like Garnier Moisture Rescue right after use, but HYD’s shave cream is a little different. It provides a deep moisturizing cleanse and energizes your skin with each shave. Not only that but with their hydrating formula the look of wrinkles and fine lines are reduced keeping your skin looking and feeling nice. Good for either in or out of the shower, meaning this shave cream is made to go into your life, not the other way around. 

This shave cream works because it instantly softens facial hair on contact so that your razor to move with ease reducing skin irritation and reduce the pull on your skin. Essential oils soothe and moisturize the skin making so that you don’t feel dry, and this is where that wrinkle fighting comes in, something that’s hard to find in men’s products. 

Overall this is a really great product. I love that it isn’t tested on animals, is paraben free and non irritating, oh and the box is made out of recycled paper. The moisture element is really nice too, but best of all it reduces wrinkles, not as well as something like my Hydroxaton Wrinkle Complex but pretty good for a shave cream.

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