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Review: Optimum Alma Legend

Soft Sheen Carson, Optimum Salon Haircare. Amla Legend rejuvenating ritual, a damage antidote and oil moisturizer. I received this sample Optimum by Carson earlier this week, and it might (or it might not) still be available for you to get too. One thing I do have to mention is that I think this for African American or African descent people, even though it wasn’t marketed that way when I got the sample, but I’ll get to that later.

First up like usual is the smell. I can’t quite place exactly what this Damage Antidote, oil moisturizer, smells like maybe because I don’t know what Amla oil is but its kind of a cross between olive oil and soap with a hint of coconut. Its a creamy off white and very smooth, with about the consistency of my Neutrogena oil free lotion and goes on pretty smoothly.

Things start to go down hill once I actually used it on my hair. Directions say just to get a small amount on your palm and work through hair. Its supposed to fight frizzy, dry, damaged and dull hair but I didn’t really see it. It just left my hair feeling oily. I think it would work much better on someone with kinky hair even though it says its for all hair types because it reminds me of strong version of Dark and Lovely Serum

Even though I like the smell and the texture of Soft Sheen Carson Optimum Amla Legend oil moisturizer I don’t at all like the use. It just doesn’t work for me. It leaves my hair heavy and gross feeling.  For a light version of what I think this amla damage oil is supposed to do, I’d check out Dark and Lovely Au Naturale 


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