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Review: Caress Soap Bar

Caress Velvet Bliss 
Beauty Bar

Another item from a Dollar General Beauty Haul that I’m going to review today,  Velvet Bliss Caress Silkening Beauty Bar (Soap) with Blackberry & Vanilla Essence. I’m not normally a big bar soap fan although I have tried out a few because I do like to review a variety of products and I couldn’t resist the sale on these Caress soap bars. They were on clearance and then half off of that.

First I have to say that I kind of like how the bar looks, not the packaging because its kind of tacky looking, but the bar itself is really nice. Its not as nice looking as a the Avon Skin So Soft bar soap but nice enough that I don’t mind at all putting the Velvet Bliss Beauty bar on display with my other products.  When being used it doesn’t leave too much residue sitting around and even though the bar I’ve been using is getting pretty tiny it still hasn’t broken up into chunks.

For the usage I’d say that this soap is pretty good. It doesn’t have a skin treatment formula like the Cetaphil Soap bar that I’ve reviewed but it does have this nice lotion that leaves my skin feeling uber soft after use. I didn’t have any irritation problems so this should work well for someone that has sensitive skin. The only downside is that the lather is a little thick to be using this as a face wash bar, instead I’d recommend something like Institute Swiss Clarifying Bar. 

Overall I really like this soap. Its not something that I’d buy at full price but for the sale I got it its really good. It smells amazing, like blackberries and vanilla extract but other than the moisturizing it doesn’t do that much. It doesn’t help with skin issues and it can’t be used on the face. Other than that though its pretty good.

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