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Troffol Leather iPhone Case

How to take selfies

It seems like everyday I stand in front of the mirror in my bedroom and take outfit pictures, and I know I’m not the only one, self shots are all over the internet, on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. These shots are almost always using the main camera on the iPhone and taken in front of a mirror, because the front camera on the iPhone really is kind of terrible, but no matter how good someone’s outfit looks, they always seem to be forgetting something… A nice phone case. 

iphone case review

I have to admit that I’ve very much guilty of this, and you don’t have to go back very far into my blog archive to find the evidence. But, I’d like to think it isn’t my fault, quality phone cases just aren’t that easy to come by. All the cases I see either seem to either be made for a five year old, e.g. those Japanese animal style cases with tails and ears sticking off the case, or a silicone one that picks up a ton of questionable things. To tell the truth, I’ve had so much trouble finding a case that I like that for my last outfit post my phone only had a clear plastic barrier case.

iphone case review

It doesn’t have to be this way though! Coming this July Troffol is releasing their new iPhone cases and these really aren’t like anything else out there. Their cases are luxury made, featuring Italian cowhide and aluminum, for light weight protection in a stylish design. There will be two options available the classic Troffol (this one) for $75 and the minimalist, a more modern exclusively aluminum case for $60.

classic Troffel case

Phone cases that I’ve ordered before have just been put in a brown cardboard box and stuffed with tissue paper but the Toffol iPhone case was packaged so nicely that I almost couldn’t believe it was a phone case. I would expect this kind of packaging for a Swiss watch. Inside the outer green box is two smaller boxes each with the Toffol logo and a magnetized lid making this box perfect for storage. In one box was the back of the phone case and the instructions on how to care for your new case, and the other box had the front as well as a clear screen protecter and a cleaning cloth for your phone.

Troffel iPhone case

This Toffol iPhone case is the nicest case that I’ve seen. The leather is beautifully dyed, making for a very deep blue colored cover, and is very soft. The packaging is amazing and really adds to the luxury feel of the phone. One thing I was surprised at is the $70 price tag. Getting a nice iPhone case for less than $50 is unheard of so a luxury one for $75 is unbelievable.

Right now Toffol is giving away five cases on their site, you can enter every day up until July 10th and all you have to do is provide your email. For every friend that you refer, you’ll even get $3 store credit. 

Also Toffol is taking preorders for iPhone cases because supplies for the first batch will be limited. Just like the giveaway, all they want is your email, no credit card required.

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