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How to Look Like a Streetwalker

What to wear as a street walker

Earrings / Bracelets / Skirt / Top (similar) / Shoes (better) / Tights 

Hot Streetwalker Outfit Guide
Is that liberal arts degree not working out like you thought it would? Or maybe you’re just tired of your boring job and are looking for something fun and exiting to try out. Well I have the answer for you, become a street walker, and with this guide you’ll be able to look the part. Okay, so I’m kidding about all of that but I figured that since my hot streetwalker post (where I’m basically just ranting about girls who dress inappropriately) was so popular I decided that I could do a a guide on how to dress like a street walker. This could be a great idea for anyone looking to channel Julia Roberts for a Halloween costume. I mean Pretty Woman is a fantastic movie and even though she sells her self she ends up with prince charming. 
  • Leather Mini Skirt – Both mini skirts and leather skirts are in style right now, but when worn together they still give off that kind of cheap girl vibe. Of course there are ways to get around that, with a tee shirt or chunky sweater, so you can re-wear a leather mini skirt in a less adult way.
  • Crop Top – There really are great ways to wear a crop top, but there are certain crop tops, the ones that look like they’ve just been cut off, like this one, that are never going to look good. The style here really is perfect for the whole pretty woman/ hot streetwalker theme because it looks like it came right out of the early nineties.
  • Pumps and Fishnets – My star tights are kind of fishnets but because they aren’t traditional I’d like to think that they don’t count, although I still get plenty of comments about them. As for the pumps, even though you’re going to be on your feet for a lot of the night you still need to look good doing it. Streetwalkers always have distinctive shoes.
  • Gold Jewelry – Now when I say gold jewelry I really don’t mean something like my Villa Paloma pendent I mean the big clunky fake stuff from forever 21. You need to be wearing a lot of it and it should scream cheap and overdone.
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