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Dressing For High School

what to wear in high school

Jeans / Shoes / Bag / Shirt / Bow

What to Wear to School

In my area, school is getting ready to start again. It seems like very year the summer is pushed back farther and farther and then the fall semester is pulled forward, making for a very short summer vacation. So I decided I’d make a guide on What to wear in High School, as a partner to my middle school outfit guide.  Now that I think about it, that outfit post needs a little updating, but I’ll get to that some other time. Basically there are only a few things you need to know about outfit planning for high school, be comfortable, be yourself, and don’t look like a streetwalker.

  • Destroy Skinny Jeans, Zara – So its August and you still want to wear shorts? Reconsider it, because every classroom I’ve every been in is always on the cold side, and it’ll probably be the same for you too. I picked jeans instead of a dress or skirt, because its more comfortable for day to day activities. If you are set on wearing a skirt to school, do check out
  • Oxfords, Olli – I know I just said that you should be comfortable (twice actually) and the most comfortable shoes would be sneakers, but that is too casual. Soon you’ll be wearing sweatpants, then pajamas, its a slippery slope. Okay not really, but wearing oxfords are almost as comfortable as tennis shoes, and look a whole lot more put together.
  • Print Backpack, Victoria’s Secret – It seems like I really do have a crush on these Victoria’s Secret  backpacks, like the one I used in my Spring Break outfit. For a long time I didn’t carry any type of bag, but now that I do I wouldn’t go back. With a book bag I can store all of my things, never forgetting anything, and be so much more organized.
  • Unique Print Shirt – If you’re not a cat lover, obviously this isn’t going to be the shirt for you, but for most I think this would work. Really though just go for something simple and cute. My school had strict policy on cleavage shown and shoulders shown so maybe you don’t have to be so conservative with your top.
  • Hair bow – I love the look of a simple black hair bow tied into a pony tail. It gives a care free kind of summer feel, while still looking polished, all without much work. Its tends to be a lot more feminine than the average hair tying back methods too, so you can focus on your makeup for the day.
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