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Review: Prevacid 24 HR

Heartburn medication

 I received these Prevacid 24 HR pills to promote, not for my blog, but for a street team kind of thing (reminds me a little of how I got that veggie burger peta shirt). Although I do all of the required things in the promotion I’m not sure how well these kind of things work out, because I can see a lot of people not doing it. I decided though to share a little bit about these pills since I do like to inform my readers, like in my Nexplanon Review Now I can’t actually state how well these work because for one I’m not a doctor, and two I’m not a heart burn sufferer. There is a lot of other things I can discuss about Prevacid 24HR though, and some of it not so good.

Since I like talking about packaging I’ll start with that. I have to say that I’m quite fond of the blue-green and pink combo that’s on the box bottle and even pills. I also like that everything is easy to see, even the things that would normally be in tiny print on other companies’ products. I also like that these are capsules that you can swallow instead tablets you have to keep in your mouth.

/Prevacid 24 Hour medicine

What I don’t like though is their rewards program. Honestly it sucks so bad that I’m to sure why they even bother doing it. First to sign up you have to fill out a survey, which I guess isn’t so bad because its only like 10 questions, but they they try and trick you to get on four different email lists of theirs. I hate receiving email spam. Then you fill out your code, which is on the bottom of the box so someone could just take a picture of it at the store and use the code before you can and pick your reward. These rewards are terrible. One is a $5 giftcard to a shop that only sells things for at least $10. One is a $10 spa discount to random spas and another is a another gift card, this one for $25 but you have to spend at least $75 all of these just sound like coupons that I could get off the internet. No point in bothering to do the rewards program.

Overall I like the product, but not their marketing scheme. Prevacid claims to reduce heartburn for long periods of time with a lot fewer pills, something that might be really helpful to suffers of heartburn. The rewards program though makes me feel like I’m being ripped off because it doesn’t offer anything real. Just a bunch of random things I don’t really need. I am going to give these pills away just like I do with the books I review, like Get Lost.

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