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What to Wear in Middle School

outfit guide for middle schoolers

Tank(similar) / Sweater / Jeans / Bow / Shoes
Middle School Outfit Guide
I’ll admit, I haven’t been in middle school for quite some time (actually like five years ago so not so long), but I decided since school is starting up again, in my area the first day was yesterday, that I could do a simple What to Wear outfit post on dressing for middle school, especially since I just did one for What to Wear in High School. To be honest this is a step up, and in the right direction from what I wore in middle school, even worse though were my looks, I’ll leave that up to your imagination, but I can say that I’ve improved by about a million times both in looks and how to dress since being in middle school. If you’re interested I have another middle school what to wear guide if you are looking for more outfit tips.
  • Sweatshirt, Hollister – Sweatshirts are so comfortable and warm that they really are kind of a middle school (and school in general) survival necessity. Just throw it in your locker until you need it. I decided on a Hollister one for this post because really in middle school Hollister was the  most popular brand to wear, not only that, but all their clothes are adorable, and have a pretty decent price point.
  • Patterned Tank, Zara – Depending on your school rules you may or may not be able to wear this tank top, but its so cute I had to add it. Actually the print reminds me a little of the Blowfish Malibu shoes I have which would go perfect with this outfit. If your school doesn’t allow tank tops, you could always pair this with a white tee shirt underneath. 
  • Toms – Although I tend not to be the biggest fan of them I have done a guide on How to Wear Toms and sometimes they can look really good, not to mention the comfort level. The insides are also quite cute with unique looking prints, so there is always that.  If Toms aren’t your thing there really are a lot of different shoes to pick from for a middle school outfit, just stay away from heels because this is a middle school outfit guide.
  • Mid Rise Skinny Jeans, Marc Jacobs – Although I own a few pairs of low rise jeans I don’t really get it. They make you look a little chubbier your legs a little shorter and your butt hangs out when you sit down. That’s why I chose the mid rise jeans, and of course they’re skinny because who doesn’t love skinny jeans.
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