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Bathing Checkers

Checkers the Cocker spaniel

 Awhile ago I did Minties dog treat review and my tester for that was none other than my dog Checkers. Since I give her a bath every week I decided that I could do a simple blog post about it, because for one she’s adorable, and two she has this skin allergy problem so I have a few different steps that I take. Because of this skin allergy she used to go to the groomer’s every week to get a bath, doggy facial with special shampoos that they said she needed because of her allergies. This was costing about $30 each time so I figured instead of doing that I’d just give them to her, but looking up “How to Bathe a Dog Will Skin Problems” and a ton of other similar searches didn’t give me any good results, so I’ve come up with a few tricks that I think work pretty well. 

checkers getting a bath

The first step is filling up the tub. Since she’s a small dog I only do this to about the quarter way mark. Because skin gets dried out with hot water I would love to just give her a cold bath, but unfortunately she hates the cold water so I aim for lukewarm water. As for the shampoo goes, I simply use head and shoulders classic clean shampoo that I apply after she’s been good and soaked. After I apply that I rinse her off with tub water and then use Honey I’m Strong Conditioner that way her fur stays tangle free. I’ve tried a lot of dog shampoos, but Checkers’s skin is so sensitive that they’re all too harsh, so I just use the people stuff now.  After applying the conditioner, I use the shower head to rinse her off. The big reason for this is that I really want to make sure I get all the shampoo and conditioner out of her fur so it won’t make her itchy. 

checkers getting dried off

Last comes the drying. I never dry her using a hair drier, I see so many people do this, and I’ll admit I used to too, but its terrible for your dog. Not only does it dry out and irritate their skin, but it also hurt their ears, dog ears are so much more sensitive than humans’. So I just towel dry her. It doesn’t work quite as well, but she can air dry the rest of the way.

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