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What to Wear on the Playground

Outfit for the park

Pants/ Top / Sunglasses / Shoes / Bag
Outfit for the Playground

You might not, (or you might) know that yesterday while I was baby siting  yesterday and we stopped at the playground and saw an adorable cat at the park.  We had a great time not only had fun playing with the cat, but also swinging on the swings, trying out the jungle gym and going down, and then trying to climb up back up the side we just went down. You may think that now that you’re older that when you take someone to the park that you’ll be able to just sit on the bench, but unfortunately that isn’t the case.
  • Cropped Jeans, True Religion – Cropped jeans, or capris are a must. You’re going to be going down slides and maybe hitting the wood chips below, neither of which feel all that great on bare legs. Since the weather is still hot out though, you don’t want to be stuck wearing long jeans. Another tip is stretchy pants so that you have a little more freedom to more about.
  • High Low Tank, Maurcis – Right now a big trend is high low tops, which is perfect for a playground outfit because you won’t have to worry about your butt hanging out for everyone to see. Also I wore a tank top to make up for my more covered up legs.
  • Wedge Sneakers, Puma – Sneakers might be the top must because with all the wood chips and easy places to stub toes, you really don’t want to be wearing shoes that expose your feet. These wedge sneakers are great because they make you look a little taller. For more on how to wear them you can check out my Wedge Sneaker Outfit Guide.
  • Cross-body Bag, Coach – Although I’m not the biggest fan of coach they do a few things really well, like this cross body bag. I love the simple look of it and since it is small you don’t have to worry about putting it down where it can be stolen or lost.
  • Aviators, Gucci – If you’ve read about the heart shaped sunglasses I have, you’d know that I absolutely love sunglasses of all kinds. I very much recommend them for any day in the sun.
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