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Big Grandparents Cats

Cat with green eyes

 I’ve taken a few pictures of these cats before, one of just Moe the cat, the more orange one, and then some of the two cats together. Both Moe and Joe are sisters abandoned my their mother at my Grandparents house. Originally there was a third, a runt, but she didn’t live. Since they live in the country these kittens show up wasn’t that surprising, but I can say that its always made my trips more fun. After they got old enough they went to the vet to be spayed and have become outside cats. Seriously the friendlies outside cats I’ve ever met.

First is a picture of Moe hiding under a step on the deck leading up to the pool. She always comes out to greet me, so I was surprised that I had to go to her. I figured it might have been because it was so sunny outside, but it turned out it was something else.

looking down at a cat
yellow eyed cat

 Then there is Jo. Always Jo is the friendlier of the two cats and really would follow a person for miles to get affection out of them. If you sit down around her, her first move is to come sit in your lap. Then when you try and get up to leave, she won’t let you. The only thing I don’t like about her is her looks. For a cat she just isn’t that pretty, but her personality makes up for it.

open mouth cat

Ending with a picture of Moe. I decided she wasn’t quite so friendly because she was sick. When she meowed at me, her voice sounded congested and she sneezed a few times. I’m really hoping this is just a simply kitty cold, but she is an older cat, so who knows.

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