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Review: Virtual Puppy Game

game to have a virtual dog
I don’t know if I should admit this or not but I was playing a virtual puppy game for kids, and I decided that I should do a review of it. Originally I had been looking for some form of Sims or Zoo tycoon online, I used to have CDs of both but somewhere along the line they’ve gone missing. Well, after a broad internets search I could only find this puppy game to play. Actually I’m kind of glad I didn’t find something great, or else there would be a risk of having another problem like my Farmville Addiction . I remember first trying to quite when I talked about my goals in April, and it took me all the way to July to stop completely.  Hello my name is Hanna and I’m an addict.
games with virtual pets

This game is rather simple to play except for one part, but I’ll get to that later. first you have a tiny puppy and then you have to do things to help him grow. The first photo is me playing a song for him. There are labeled keys and when you see the letter the key is labeled float down you hit it with your mouse. I guess this is to help your puppy fall asleep. Then you have to weigh your newborn puppy on a scale and pet him. The petting is a little hard because you can’t do it to fast or the screen will turn red. By not to fast, I mean really slow. After you do all the first tasks he grows a little. Now you have to throw your puppy dog treats fill up his water and give him a bath. The bath consists of scrubbing him up rinsing him off and drying him. The scrubbing is nearly impossible and took me a few times to get. Then you have to clip his nails. 

After one more stage of doing all the same things you’ve been doing to your virtual puppy, you win. Seriously though, this dog is super ugly. My dog getting a bath is much cuter than this fake dog. Overall I really don’t like this game. The tasks are too simple and the graphics not so great. I think even a young kid would get bored of it quickly.

winning at virtual puppy game

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