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Review: HYD for Men Shave Kit

Buffer Stick Shave Cream Razor Shield

If you’ve followed my blog for a little while, you’d know my boyfriend who has a little facial hair. He normally uses an electric razor to keep from looking too much like a bear, but I convinced him, just for a little while to try out these HYD for men shaving products that I was given to review and he turned out to like them pretty well. He isn’t the only one though, because I tried them out, and after you get past the masculine packaging and smell they work better than most of the products out their for women. Speaking of masculine packaging these really work great as a gift for the man in your life, Christmas, Birthday, whatever. Just a thought.

  • HYD Razor Shield – A lot of the HYD men’s shaving products can be used either by men who like a manual shave or those who like using the electric razor, this however is just for the disposable razor, which is okay because that’s what I use to shave my legs and I have to say my razors lasted a lot longer when I used this. Over time using HYD Razor Shield is going to save a lot of money, and a few trips to the store.
  • HYD Buffer Stick – Just like I talked about in the full review I did of HYD Buffer Stick, no one likes irritated skin and this is a solution to having that nasty looking skin. Its easy to apply and works well, making it a top choice for my man. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, it reduces dark spots and scars.
  • HYD Shave Cream – I used to think all shave creams were the same. You just lather it on and start shaving, that’s its only job, but HYD Shave Cream is a little different. It keeps your skin from being irritated and moisturizes it. Plus their special formula reduced wrinkles, so how can you go wrong?
I really love that all of the HYD products (which you can see full reviews of by clicking the links) are dermatologist tested, paraben free and not tested on animals. They work amazingly smell great, in a manly way, look fancy, and don’t cost too much. 
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