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Cooking Betty Crocker Lemon Bars

Lemon bars from Betty Crocker Mix
Lately its seemed like I’ve been doing a lot of Domestic Hanna type posts. From sewing a quilted wallet to cooking a full dinner with green beans potatoes and beef it seems like I might be getting the hang of housewife training program since that is one of my big goals in life, although for now it seems like college is the only sure thing in the cards. But since I don’t want to give up hope quite yet, I decided that I could do a boxed Betty Crocker Recipe for Supreme Bars in lemon flavor. They weren’t very hard to make, about as easy as my Betty Crocker Cookies n Cream Cupcakes and turned out just as good. I think I mark one more cooking success thanks to these Lemon Bars.
how to make a betty crocker recipe

First thing, the mix. I don’t have near enough talent, yet, to do a dessert from scratch so I had to pick up a box of Betty Crocker bake mix. These Supreme Bars Lemon Bars were on sale for $2 at my local Walmart and really I think for a hot summer day (it was 90 Fahrenheit this afternoon) lemon treats are a much nicer option. They’re so much lighter and cooler than a cookie or a slice of cake. 

The mixes were easy first pour in the mix, three eggs and a little water then stir together. For whatever reason my KitchenAid machine did a terrible job, leaving a bunch of powder clumped together in the bottom and getting the egg yoke stuck together in the mixer. After that was done I had to pat out the pie crust into an 8×8 pan and put it in the oven for nine minutes then while its still hot pour in the lemon batter.

The lemon batter then had to cook until it was slightly brown on the top, for me this was roughly 31 minutes. Then let it cool put on a little powdered sugar and cut using a cool knife. Making these Betty Crocker Lemon Bars was super easy, cheap and they tasted great.


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