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Crop Top, Combat Boots, Polkadots

Crop Top Combat Boots Polkadots

Jeans / Top / Bag / Shoes
How to Combine Trends

I was really wanting to do an outfit post today, so as I normally do when I make polyvores, I just started pulling out things that I liked. It turned out that I had added together a bunch of current trendy pieces that I’ve done separate Outfit Guides over. Because it is hard to combine trends without looking too busy, or extremely out of place, I decided I could do an outfit post over how to combine a few trends I’m loving right now, Combat Boots, Polkadot Jeans and Crop Tops.  

  • Red Crop Top – Because of a few other pieces of this outfit I decided to go with a solid color top, as well as excluding any type of jewelry, although earring would probably work out fine. For girls that are a little on the heavier side, I recommend wearing a form fitting top instead of a cropped one. Movies at my house is another great crop top outfit.
  • Polkadot Skinny Jeans – I’m a big fan of skinny jeans because they make your legs look thinner and longer, and since this pair of polkadot jeans are fairly high waisted they’ll create that look even more. For my Superbowl Game Outfit I used a very similar pair of jeans. Polkadot jeans are the perfect amount of feminine and casual.
  • Military, Combat Boots – I have to say that when the military boot trend came out, I jumped right on it. Combat boots are durable, comfortable and easy to clean off so I don’t have to worry about staying out of the mud or walking the long way when wearing them. Another great post about military style boots is How to Wear Combat Boots.
  • Leather Tote – Here’s the item that isn’t exactly a trendy piece, but more of a classic, an Alexander Mcqueen blue tote bag. I love not only the color, but the handles on this bag, but who doesn’t like a good top handle?

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