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Blue Gate Restaurant in Shipshewana

As it would seem my family has found a day trip spot to visit, Shipshewana. I know I’ve blogged about the outside of Shipshewana , and really all about shopping the small Amish city, even another post about the Blue Gate Restaurant in Shipshewana I think I still have more to say about about my Northern Indiana shopping destination. This is going to be more of a review of Blue Gate Restaurant than my last post, with a focus on food, hospitality, and overall feeling of the Amish style restaurant.
What you get at Blue Gate Restaurant

 We went in to eat at a little before noon, prime lunch time. There were a lot of people hanging around but our wait was only five minutes. Unlike the last time I went to the Blue Gate Restaurant we were put on the bottom floor, due to the fact that Shipshewana area is extra busy on weekends. I can’t say however that I was pleased with the downstairs area, it wasn’t bad, just boring looking.

Our waitress however was very kind, the perfect amount of attention without hovering over us, just like the one at Olive Garden The bread was warm and the apple butter and amish peanut butter that I bought from Shipshewana before tasted good. The salad was only so so though. I found a brown piece of lettuce and had only half a tomato. 

Family style meal in Shipshewana

 We decided to have the family style buffet only with chicken. It also came with green beans, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy and fried chicken. As I said before the waitress was very much on it, and brought out more food as we needed it. I love the little alcohol napkins that came with it.

Blue gate family style plate

 I have to say that my main food was just okay. The fried chicken was good, the noodles were super plain, the green beans seemed like they came from a can and the mashed potatoes seemed a little watery. I hate writing mean things about food, and I don’t often do it because I’m not picky, but I wasn’t at all impressed with what I ate.

pies at Shipshewana

 Last came my dessert. I had the lemon meringue pie, and although it looked great, it was only average. The same goes for my mother’s cherry pie, although I did like hers a little better than me. My father’s however was very good raspberry pie.

Shipshewana bathroom

After I was done I headed for the bathroom. The Blue Gate Restaurant has a very large bathroom, lots of stalls, and sinks. The lighting was quite nice too and everything was very clean.


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