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Review: Avon Sunshine Nail Polish

Avon Nailwear pro Sunshine
I used to have a few misconceptions about Avon products in general. I mean, they’re a home based business kind of thing, which I hate, they’re products are relatively cheap, and Avon really isn’t featured by any big beauty bloggers, so why would their products be any good? Well, time after time I’ve done reviews over Avon products and they’re been as good as department store brands, like Avon Mink Vision and Avon Strawberry Nail Laquer.
I love the packaging of the Avon nailwear pro collection. It actually looks like a professional nail enamel bottle. Its easy to display due to its rectangular shape, sits well and the handle is so easy to use. Inside the brush is also very nice and the polish mixes easily. The only thing I don’t like is that the color name, sunshine, is only on the bottom of the bottle. You can however see plenty of yellow nail polish color to judge the shade yourself.
Avon Sunshine Yellow Nail Laquer  goes on easily and doesn’t clump or stick in certain areas. It dries quickly and smooth. It isn’t however very opaque, a problem that I’ve noticed with a few of the Avon nail wear pro polishes, so you’re going to need an extra coat. With this extra coat though, it won’t chip.
I really do like the Avon Sunshine nail enamel. It has a very nice looking nail polish bottle, as a part of the Avon Nailwear Pro Collection, as well as a nice brush, and it works great. Its a great mustard yellow nail lacquer. If you’re looking for a more neon yellow, I’d look at Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow.

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