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Review: Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow

sally Hansen mellow yellow nail lacquer

This Mellow Yellow nail lacquer is yet another Sally Hansen Polish that I’ve had for ages.  I’ve used it before for different nail polish reviews and tutorials, like in my review of Avon’s shatter nail polish  but this is the first time that Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow is getting its own review. This nail lacquer has a few bad traits, but overall its a great nail enamel.

Starting with the packaging, that almost all bad. To start with, the label seems fine, the print is easy to read and there is even a stick on the top with the nail color and number. The problem though is the bar code, it doesn’t come off without taking the whole label off making the bottle unattractive if you want to display your polishes. Second the only place that has the Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow number 360 is on the top, and this easily peels away. The handle is also hard to open and use, but the brush inside is nice.

Now that I’m done blasting the packaging on the Hard as Nails Xtreme wear nail polishes I can talk about the good things. Application is very easy. It goes on smoothly and doesn’t create any bad patches or uneven yellow color. It also dries quickly and doesn’t chip terribly.

Overall I really like the Mellow Yellow Sally Hansen nail lacquer. Its easy to apply lasts a long time, and is a drug store polish. Mellow Yellow is a very bright and vivid color a neon yellow almost, for a more mustard color check out Avon Sunshine nail enamel although not my favorite on me as you can see by the swatches would look fantastic on someone with darker skin. 


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