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Shipshewana Trading Place Antiques

Antique market at Shipshewana
After going to Spector’s Fabric Store we headed across the street to the Shipshewana Trading Place Antiques. I’m not really a big fan of the name, I mean you are just trading money for old stuff, not anything else but if that’s what they want to do, fine. Going in I thought this could be one of two things, a big flea market, or an antique store that sold Amish style things mostly furniture like that at the Shipshewana Furniture Co.
Of course though like many other things, I was wrong about the Shipshewana Trading Place Antiques store. It was a true Antique store, although the first few booths that I saw did seem to have more old junk than anything else. I ended up finding a few treasures myself and even more things on my wish list.
antique shoe filtres

One of the first things that I saw was this shoe stretcher or at least a wooden piece that is supposed to help your shoes keep their shape. They don’t look all that great, really a little creepy but they were cheap at about $10.

Violin at Shipshewana

Going upstairs, there were even more booths. I saw this violin, or at least that’s what I think it is, sitting up there. It wasn’t a bad price, but since I don’t play it wouldn’t be worth me getting. 

eating at a antique shop

Back downstairs were a few vending machines and tables. It seems like every antique mall has something like this. I have a feeling its a place for all the bored spouses and children to park themselves.

what to buy at Shipshewana

Then I went to go buy a set of pyrex bowls. They were all priced at $48 and there were four different designs to pick from. I looked over the quality of the dishes and ended up with the one I liked best. Which you might see in a future Shipshewana Haul.


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