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Shipshewana Yoders Meat and Cheese

Amish food, chemical free

 Our last stop at Shipshewana, except for going back to the Shipshewana Antique Market to purchase what I wanted after looking at it a few times, was to the Yoder’s Meat and Cheese Company. As much as I don’t like to admit it, I really am a fan of going looking in different speciality grocery stores, and didn’t mind at all going in to take a look.I was very surprised however by what I found at the Yoder’s Meat and Cheese Company. I know I know, I’m in Shipshewana so is it really that surprising that I’d find a variety of foods made by the Amish. Going to the Blue Gate Restaurant I already had a little taste of Amish food, but now I think I’m obsessed. 

Walking in the first thing I see is cheese. Unlike many grocery stores I visit Yoders had samples available with each product, so you can try it out before you buy. None of the cheeses were in uniform sizes, but were priced by their weight so it didn’t really matter. There was a large variety to choose from, swiss to pepperoni to mozzarella they really did have it all. Looking closer at the package though I noticed something about the cheese at Yoders Meat and Cheese, its almost all hormone free. This of course is because its made by the Amish people, but it wasn’t even more expensive. 

On the other side of the cheese was the meat. I’m trying to be a vegan, look at my Peta Veggie Burger Shirt, but the meat was just as interesting. There was both grass and grain feed and it was almost all hormone free. This can be a big deal because its thought that many medical problems are cause by this.

Amish made preserves Shipshewana

Then were the dry goods, that I wasn’t really expecting to see since the store is called the Meat and Cheese Company. Some of it is bought in large quantities and then sold in smaller boxes, like a lot of the spices on the left, but others are local made. Right in Shipshewana or in Indiana’s neighbors Ohio the canned jellies, fruits, and sauces are made.


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