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Making a Chest, Day 2

how to make a recycled wood project

Awhile back, okay maybe only like two weeks ago, I started working on my recycled wood chest. Its made completely out of pallets from my mother’s work and is quite big at four feet wide. I can’t remember how long it is, but everyone who’s seen its progress seems to think its quite large too. I plan on using it for storing blankets in the winter and coats in the summer. Originally I thought this would be a two day project, with extra time for me to stain it at home with my boyfriend but it seems like that won’t be happening any time soon, even after three days of working on it.

Starting out, everything was all neat and put away for me. So I had to get everything back out and organize it into bottom pieces, top pieces and then all the sides. Quickly the right sizes of boards for the bottom were cut and then the bottom was put together with wood glue which is much stronger than you might think. The the sides were toe nailed and glued in but this wasn’t enough so I added screws to pull the sides together. 

One of the last steps of the day was using the blue chalk line, a new tool for me, and using it find the middle of the box. I myself would have just measured both sides and divided by two.  Other people like doing things differently I guess. This was done though for the legs that were put on which was about where we ended for the day. I can’t say that I’m all that happy with this recycled project, I prefer my upcycle cat shaped dog toy, but it should turn out okay.


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