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Making a Chest, Day 3

how to make a cedar chestThis is the third day of my recycled wood pallet cedar chest which I’ve already wrote about for day one of making a chest, and day two of making a chest. I was really hoping that there wouldn’t even be a day three but of course, thanks to stupid mistakes there will be at least four days and that isn’t even including the work I plan on doing by myself. The main problem was that we put the pieces in slightly wrong so the lid was too small to go on top. Although I would have left it because it was only barely. It had other problems too, like the supporting pieces had to be sawed down and then trim, uneven trim, was put on. 

A lot of sanding was also done, and since this is cedar it clogged up the sanding paper quite fast. On the plus side though, it smelled quite nice and is going to be a perfect place to store things that would have been in my closet since moths hate the smell. There is also a little bit of ash wood mixed in, but for some reason when working with it, it still smells like pine.

Overall I’m not all that happy with my project so far. It has so many mistakes that have hurt its look, and its taking way too much time. I really should be done with it by now. I’m starting to think even with my limited experience working with wood I should have done this project myself, because it would turn out better.

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