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Mammoth Cave Historic Tour

Fat Man's Misery Cave

Since we were staying over night at the woodland cottages we decided that we could do a tour before we left Mammoth cave and headed home. My parents thought that they had been on this Historic tour when I was a toddler and they really liked it, so we decided to do this one. It turned out that this wasn’t the one that they went on before, the remember seeing an Indian body which we didn’t see on the Historic tour.  

Getting there we had to walk into the woods on a trail, the same trail that we hiked at Mammoth Cave National Park  instead of taking a bus. Very little was explained before we went in, and started our hike. This though is the originally entrance to the cave that Natives used for thousands of years, and that settlers used when they first came. It is very open and has water pouring down the side, quite beautiful actually.

At the end of the stairs we went started on a path that was paved and very easy to walk on. We stopped for a minute at a very pretty ceiling and then continued to a point where a man used to preach to Christians. Then we started to go rather quickly, too quickly to get many photos. At times I felt like I was running to keep up. 

Then came the fat man’s misery, which wasn’t all that tight of a spot to go, and the tall man’s agony which really sucked. We came to the next sitting place, we weren’t even the last group there, he had already started talking about the history of the cave basically all I heard were the questions and answers. Then we headed off again on quite a few stairs. 

What we saw on the Mammoth Cave Historic Tour was quite beautiful, prettier I think than what was on the Mammoth Cave New Entrance Tour but the guide went so fast we couldn’t even view anything let alone take pictures. And for a historic tour I really didn’t learn all that much.

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