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Mammoth Cave Travertine Restaurant

Food at mammoth cave

 After driving all the way to Mammoth Cave then doing the New Entrance Tour and hiking around the park for a little while everyone was very hungry. Since we were at the national park we only had two choices to pick from, a pizza place and a sit down restaurant called Travertine. After a little bit of pandering we finally went with Travertine, looking back though I wish we had just gone with the pizza.

To start with our waitress brought us water and asked us if we wanted anything else to drink, and the Big Hair decided he wanted coffee, which I’m guessing he liked since he drank it all. The menu was pretty small so it didn’t take long for us to decide what we wanted, my mother and I split a steak and they both got hamburgers and french fries. As a part of our meal we both got salads which were pretty good. All of the vegetables tasted fresh and the lettuce didn’t have any brown spots. 

Travertine Restaurant bread

 Then when the boys got their hamburgers my mother and I were just getting our bread. It turned out she had grabbed the wrong plate. I expected her to be back in a few moments but it took her quite awhile.  While we waited we ate our bread with black cherry jelly both of which tasted quite good.

Steak at Travertine Restaurant

 Finally our steak came along with mashed potatoes. A rare steak is supposed to be warm on the outside and cool on the inside but ours was just plain old cold, and not cooked well enough at all. So for the first time in my life I sent a plate back. Which took forever because the waitress wasn’t paying attention at all. When we finally got our food back it was warmer and the cook was nice enough to add extra mashed potatoes. They were good, but I wish he hadn’t have added the rosemary for decoration because it was too strong.

travertine restaurant baked apples

 The other side, mashed potatoes was the first, that I picked  was baked apples. They were pretty good, but the cook left the peel on when he cooked them, making a weird texture when eating the apples. I was surprised though at how soft the skin of the apple became.

bad cooking at travertine restaurant

Then after I was all done with my steak I had all this fat left over. This is for two reasons, first they used a very cheap steak, although their price wasn’t that cheap, and the cook is supposed to cut off the fat when its done cooking.

Overall I’m not that happy with the Travertine Restaurant. They can make the basics well, but anything else they didn’t do right. If you can’t cook it, don’t have it on the menu. These was at about the same level as the last time I went to the Blue Gate Restaurant except at least there the wait staff was good at their job in Shipshewana  I was hoping for something like the last time I was at Olive Garden, but sometimes you really don’t know. At Mammoth Cave National Park its not like they have much competition. 


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