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President Lincoln’s Birthplace

President Lincoln Kentucky

Since it really wasn’t out of the way we decided to visit President Abraham Lincoln’s childhood home, I mean since we just finished up with our Historic Tour at Mammoth cave we decided we could get a little more education for the day. The first stop I made was to the bathroom, which although it wasn’t all that pretty it was very clean and smelled fantastic. Then when I was getting out a tour of the park was just starting and we decided to join the group.

The first stop was to learn a little about Lincoln’s family. His father’s parents had been killed by Indians and his family was free soilers, meaning they thought to be free you had to own land, so they did. They bought this land and worked hard on it. Our next stop was at this beautiful building that house a cabin that was one thought to be Lincoln’s but it turned out not to be. It is however very similar to the one he lived it, and is very tiny for one person so I can’t imagine a whole family there. 

Next we went and the ranger had volunteers for a demonstration about what happened next. Lincoln’s family was kicked out because it turned out although they had bought the land, so had someone else. Next was a spring that was the reason the Lincoln family liked the land so well. They could store their food there, and get fresh water. 

Last stop was up to the gift shop of course. This one is a little different though called Martha’s Inn. It was built by a family who still owns it, but they donate all of the proceeds to the Lincoln memorial. President Lincoln’s birthplace was a very well maintained place, and a little more interactive I think then Lincoln’s home in Indiana I visited awhile back. 


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