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Shipshewana Furniture Co

Amish Table

Remember how I talked about going to Shipshewana? Well after I ate lunch, at the Blue Gate Restaurant we went to go look at the shops, and the first one we visited was the Shipshewana Furniture Co. We weren’t really looking for anything particular but I really love looking at decorating things especially at the Shipshewana shops so I didn’t at all mind looking around. 

I was surprised though by how much I liked the furniture. All of it seemed to be Amish built, and it wasn’t a bad price. Quality though was superb. I did however see another furniture shop near the Shipshewana Furniture Co that sold roughly the same thing but much more expensive.Going in one of the first things i saw were these dining room tables. There was a big selection, and reminded me of the one that I have.

Fabric Couch

 Downstairs there were more upholstery type furniture. I’m not really sure if it was all made in the local area, but it all seemed nice looking. Nothing rustic or too out there. I did see a cool couch that was made of wood but had cushions that you could replace.

Desk at Shipshewana
Clock at Shipshewana Furniture Co

Then upstairs were the clocks on one side, desks on another and then in the way back cabinets. The clocks are made in the United States but weren’t that interesting to me. The desks were quite nice, and I saw a few that were made out of recycled wood, like the chest I’m making. Then for the cabinets. I loved that they were made in the United States, and they were customizable. Saving them in my notes.

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