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Spectors Dry Goods Shipshewana

Loufas that are Handmade

 On our trip to Shipshewana after stopping by the Blue Gate Restaurant and the Shipshewana Furniture Co we stopped at Spector’s Dry Goods store. This wasn’t exactly the kind of store that I wanted to visit, more of a place for my mother really, due to all the fabric that they had. Spectors did have a few interesting things though, and simply being an Amish or Mennonite, I’m not really sure, was interesting enough. The first thing I saw walking in were these puffs in multiple colors, they were a little rough though. I think I prefer my Principessa Shower Pouf.

Clothes to buy at Shipshewana

Then after seeing the shower poufs I saw these adorable Amish style simple children’s clothing. This is the only shop that I’ve seen in Shipshewana that sells Amish style clothing, let alone any type of kid’s clothes. I was surprised to see these in color, but there were a few even more plain white ones that I saw as well and really I don’t know very much about the Shipshewana Amish culture so they might be able to dress up their kids a little.

dresses at Shipshewana
Then the last thing I looked at, after exhausting all of my other options was the fabric. Although I have done a few sewing things like the quilted wallet I made, and the upcycle dog toy but fabric can be so boring.  It all looks about the same to me but at the Spectors Dry Goods store everything seemed to be bright and colorful. I’m assuming this is for the tourists because Shipshewana doesn’t seem to be too colorful.
Shops with Fabric in Shipshewana

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