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Mammoth Cave Woodland Cottages

mammoth cave lodging

After going on my Shipshewana trip my parents my boyfriend and I headed to Mammoth cave. Originally we had planned to stay in a hotel, but we couldn’t agree on one, and they were all so far away. That’s when I saw on the Mammoth Cave site that they had lodging right near the caves. They even had two bedroom rooms available for the day we were going, meaning we could all stay together. Going in I knew that this wasn’t going to be like the Chicago Hyatt Hotel I went to, so I wasn’t expecting much. 

There was a huge parking lot to park at because the woodland cabins share it with the visitor center, meaning that you’re very close to where you’re going to buy tickets. As you can see, the cottage really isn’t much to look at, but it did have a porch lots of trees surrounding it and a nice walkway.

how the mammoth cave bed looked

Then walking into the first room, we only used this door, although there were doors and porches on both sides so we could have used both. Both rooms looked almost identical. A large bed, and a twin sized bed lots of windows and curtains. The one that Big Hair had also included a refrigerator and a microwave.  The beds were older but fairly comfortable and the coverings were all clean.

woodland cottage bathroom
shower at mammoth cave

Then, the only part that was truly ugly was the bathroom. It isn’t really one room, but two with one housing the potty and the other with the shower. They both had locks making it perfect for less familiar people to share a cabin. Although the rooms were ugly they were clean so there is always that.

Although I really liked the Woodland Cottage my mother and father just thought it was okay, my boyfriend likes (or at least pretends) most things so I he was okay with it. Really though, for $70 you can’t go wrong.

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