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Woods Trails at Mammoth Cave

woods near mammoth cave

After we went on the New Entrance tour at Mammoth cave, we saw this trail that looked rather nice. Since both Big Hair and I love going on walks like this we decided we should go check out the trail, and my parents wanted to go too. Since we were tired from the tour we didn’t go all that far. Starting off the trail was paved and at a fairly steep down hill slope that I knew would be trouble to get back up. A little further down the road went from paved to rocks that were a little harder to walk on.

Eventually we made it down to the Green river, and I realized .4 miles takes a little longer than you would think. We saw someone that seemed to be around my boyfriend and I’s age and he offered to take our photo for us. Later we saw him exploring around off trails. Those photos might be seen at a later post, since they are on Big Hair’s phone instead of mine. Maybe when I do a full wrap up of my Mammoth Cave trip I’ll post them. Of course they’ll be edited since I have a few things working against my looks that day. 

My mother saw a dead bug on the side of the trail when we were leaving, one that had other bugs eating its carcass and decided to pick it up and chase me around with it. Such a child. That hill that was nice going down was terrible going up. We ended up parking ourselves at one of the benches on the hill, benches that you had to force yourself to stay on because of the slope, to rest before we went up the hill the rest of the way.

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