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How to Wear Floral Jeans

Outfit with Flower pants

Jeans / Bag / Shirt (similar)  / Sunglasses / Shoes
Outfit Wearing Floral Pants
One of my most requested outfit guides ever since buying my Fire Los Angeles Pants is to do an outfit guide on how to wear floral pants, I mean sure they look nice in the store but one you get home the big question comes? How am I even going to wear these jeans? In part this outfit guide about how to wear floral print jeans is so long coming because I didn’t know how to style them at first either. After a little bit of trial and error though I think I’ve nailed down the perfect outfit with floral jeans.
  • Satchel, Topshop – I love the bright pink color of this satchel bag, actually it reminds me of the purse I was given as a birthday present, the one I wore to the zoo, based on color alone. The main reason I picked this bag though was because it pulls colors out from the floral pants, and it has a side strap so its easy to carry.
  • Knit Sweater, Object – I have to admit that this knit sweat is my least favorite part of the outfit, but that it does go well with the cream color in the jeans. Another great choice would be a simple blue free flowing tank top, which would add a color look to the whole floral print jeans outfit.
  • Aviator Sunglasses, Rut&Circle – Aviator sunglasses are a quite kind of trend right now. Everyone is wearing them but no one is talking about it. I’ve featured them in my high top sneakers outfit guide as well as one to look tall and classy since this are floral jeans I went for rose tinted floral jeans.
  • Ballet Flats – Since your outfit is already quite loud simply because of the floral pants, don’t try and do a statement shoe. A simple ballet flat in a neutral color does wonders for keeping this look from being trashy or making  you look like you’re seven.
  • Floral Print Jeans, 2nd One – Of course, the most important part of this guide to wearing floral pants is the floral print jeans. The whole idea is to get a pair that you’ll be comfortable wearing, otherwise there isn’t any point in wasting your money. I tend to go with colors that aren’t too bright, and prints that aren’t too attention grabbing.
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