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Upcycle Cat Shaped Dog Toy

DIY Cat stuffed animal

It seemed like I hadn’t made a sewing project for awhile (actually it wasn’t that long ago with my quilted wallet) so I decided that I could try and make a toy for my dog checkers. Originally I had wanted to try out making a bone shaped toy, but since I’m almost a champion sewer I decided that I could go for something a little better, a cat shaped dog toy. Since I currently on this huge sewing recycling thing, like my upcycled pillow made from a shirt  I decided that I could try making this whole toy out of scraps, and if it didn’t work out okay that’s fine because my dog wouldn’t know the difference. It did work out though, quite well I think, even if this whole dog toy ended up taking a lot longer than I would have liked.

how to make a dog toy

First up is the scarf. It was sitting in the sewing room, maybe a gift from someone or a goodwill find, just waiting to be used for fabric. The pattern called for two of both of the pieces so to save myself some time I simply doubled up my fabric and cut out one of each. Then came the darts so that my cat toy would have some shaped and after that I sewed together the two front pieces. Next came the work for the eyes mouth and whiskers all of whom were done by hand. Then sewing on the back and flipping it out. Since I wanted this to be a complete upcycle project I decided to use scraps as stuffing, and that took a lot longer than I expected and made my hands quite sore with all the cutting. In the end though It turned out really well. 


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