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Makeup to Wear with a Masquerade Mask

Makeup with Masquerade Mask

 A few days ago I did an introduction to my Venetian Masquerade Mask that was given to me by the people over at and I know I promised you an outfit post with it, but since I’m a little stuck I decided I could do something short and simple about how to do your makeup when wearing a masquerade mask, something I think I have down pat. Since classes (for the summer) are ending soon I should have some time on my hands so that outfit post is going to come SOON. Just wait for it.

Hanna Lei blogger

Below I have the makeup I wore in the masked picture above. Basically its a simple black cat eye with thick smudged eyeliner both above and below the eye. You don’t want to over do it like I did in my black makeup but you do want to draw attention to your eyes, of course the mask will help you with this. For the eyelids a nude brown just a few shades darker than your skin looks perfect.

For the face a clean look, I used my Hydroxatone BB cream, without any face shaping to take the viewer’s eye away from the mask (and your eyes) works best. A small amount of light colored blush also looks good for ladies wanting to  make their face sharper. I also did a bold lip to match up with one of the colors on my mask

Extra Tips

When doing your makeup there are a few tips to remember before you get started. First make sure your makeup is water resistant if not water proof. Even if it isn’t too hot your face is still going to sweat due to the fact its trapped under the Masquerade mask. Another thing is that you shouldn’t have your eye makeup extend past where your Venetian mask is going to lay because for one there is not a point, and two it’ll smudge, and leave stains on the inside of your mask.

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