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Can you Wear Pink and Purple Together?

do pink and purple match

Nail polish / Shoes / Jeans / Shirt (similar) 
Pink and Purple Outfit Style

It seems like there are a couple of no-nos in the fashion world. Don’t wear white after labor day, never mix silver and gold jewelry, and don’t wear pink and purple together. Really though, these rules are completely meaningless. With the right styling anything, like this pink and purple outfit combo, can look great. You just have to do it right. That’s why I made this casual outfit guide about wearing pink and purple together, both pink and purple are two of my favorite colors, hence I have a lot of clothing with their color so wearing Pink & Purple really broadens my outfit choices.

  • Purple Skinny Jeans, J Brand – I love skinny jeans, and have even done a post on how to wear colored jeans before that you can check out for more tips, but for these purple skinny jeans there are just a few rules. Make sure that the purple is a dark shade, these will help to keep you from looking too bright and eye-catching. Do go with skinnies because they’re make your legs look longer and thinner.
  • Pink Lace Tee, Jack Willis – A tee shirt can look a little frumpy but with the right color like this medium pink and a cute material like this lace, see my Kohls summer haul for other cute pink tops, it can look very put together, and quite feminine. 
  • Pink Nail Polish, Essie – I decide on a pink Essie nail color but really a purple color would go just as well. You just need a little something to help pull together the pink and the purple in your outfit. One thing I would stay away from though is nail art with both pink and purple, its just too busy.
  •  White Lace booties, Makemechic – To tie together the look, you really do need a neutral color, depending on the shades of your pink and purple, this can be any color but I tend to go with a white because its so feminine looking. The lace detail of these boots goes well with the pink shirt.

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