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Review: Garcinia Cambogia Extract

Thanks to Influenster (remember my sweetheart vobox?) I was given these Vitamin Shoppe weight management Garcinia Cambogia Extract dietary supplements to try out. I’m not sure exactly why I was sent these though, because I don’t really have an issue with my weight. I mean sure I’d like to lose five pounds, but by diet and exercise, not these pills. But I’ll do a review anyways.

Vitamin Shoppe is a huge company that sells all kinds of pills, from real vitamins to holistic, and even experimental supplements. They’ve been around since 1977, and really are an industry name.  This bottle of appetite control pills contains 90 capsules and costs $17.

I’ll try and be as unbiased in my review as possible, because really if you’ve seen things like my Kissing Dog’s Outfit I have more of a muscular shape, some of which is from genetics, and some is through hard work.  Taking a pill to make you not want to eat, can deprive you of nutrients that your body needs, and keep you from being able to continue without the pills. Although it might make your stomach smaller because of having less food. 

About those pills though. It says that there are ninety of them for $17, which doesn’t sound like such a bad deal, until you read the instructions. You have two take two every a half an hour before you eat. That means if you eat three meals a day like you’re supposed to, this will only last you fifteen days. Not quite as good of a deal. They don’t even contain anything good for you, and over the recommended amount of Chromium you should have in day. 

Overall I really don’t like these pills, I might even like them less than another bad review of Nair Roll on Wax that I did awhile back. Even if this product does work, I’m not testing it, because it really isn’t healthy. Not to mention, I think you could get similar appetite suppressant by drinking a big glass of water before you eat. 


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