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Coloring my Hair with John Frieda Foam Color

coloring your own hair

A lot of times people ask me how I afford my things, and I understand their curiosity. I’m a college student without a job (although this blog does do pretty well) and although I am an only child with caring parents they really aren’t the kind to just get me all of the things I want, especially if its things they don’t think I need done, like have my hair dyed, so I do it myself. Its not only cheaper than getting it done professionally but a whole lot cheaper, and if you do it right the results are just as good.

For my hair dying I normally use John Frieda. I did a review awhile back about John Frieda 10b Extra Light blond foam color that I use almost exclusively, this time though I went with a slightly darker shade 9N Natural Blonde even though for whatever reason it looks red in that picture. On my hair it isn’t at all. Using this foam is very easy to do, and really can be done alone. First thing I do is put on a very old button down shirt because I don’t care if it gets stained, and that way I don’t have to pull it over my head to get it off. 

Then I put the two packages together into one bottle, the ones that came with the package and shake it a little. Next I start applying it to my hair, while using rubber gloves, starting at the roots. Even though my hair is getting long, there is still plenty of product in one box. Since this is a foam hair color making sure you get every piece really isn’t that big of a deal so application only takes me roughly 7 minutes. Then since I already have fairly light blonde hair I leave it in 15 minutes (20 is what’s on the box) and rinse it out in the shower. I don’t use shampoo just the John Frieda Color Conditioner and towel dry my hair.

Along with the John Frieda Natural Blonde 9N Foam and mini conditioner came a sample for shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair, very good cross marketing I’d say. I’m going to review them sometime soon but even if they’re very good I doubt I’ll switch over because right now, I’m really loving my Tresemme Moisture Shampoo and Tresemme Moisture Conditioner maybe when they run out I will though.



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