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Review: Beneful Dog Food and Treats

Purina dog food sample

In the mail a little while back I received Beneful Healthy smile dog food as well as Beneful Healthy Smile dog snacks for my dog, Checkers, to try out. I’ll start by talking about the Smile bites dog food. Its made with rice and chicken with amounts of yogurt celery and carrots, all bended together as a nutritious meal for the dog. Beneful dog food has another benefit though, its made to help dogs teeth and fight bad breath. This is done with its unique shape that knocks off tarter when the dog eats it.

Then are the other two things I got Beneful healthy smile dog treats. The first is the ridges. They have a red middle made of meat. The flavor is accented with parsley for the fancier dog. The other treat variety are the twists that are flavored like peanut butter. Both of these are made like the minties, greenies replacement  so that as the dog, Checkers in this case, chews them their teeth get cleaned and their breath freshened. Since dogs, at least mine, seem to like these treats, its a win win.


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