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Review: Headache Relief To-Go

new relief for headaches

Thanks to Influnester I received another Voxbox, like the Sweetheart VoxBox, full of products to review and this Headache Relief to Go by Urgent Rx. I have to admit that I’m actually really excited about this product, because although I don’t often suffer from headaches, I have before, and haven’t been able to get relief. Not only that but I always love new products that are made to make life better. There are though a few cons with all the pros that Headache Relif To Go has.

Starting with the packaging, I love it at first glance. Its light weight very small and looks like it can go about anywhere. In a purse for a lady, or even a man’s wallet. I’m only a little worried though that the packaging isn’t strong enough to take a lot of abuse and might get holes torn in it. Meaning you could end up with a lot of random, completely legal, powder.

To use, simply open up the package and pour into your mouth. I’m pretty sure that you’re also going to have to swallow once its all in your mouth. No water is required, and relief should come quickly. Oh and the flavor is lemon lime. Urgent Rx has other products like heart burn relief, allergy attack, ache and pain, and my favorite, critical care, which come in different flavors.

The Urgent RX line is marketed for being out on the go, when you don’t have your medicine cabinet around, but the only ingredients that the Headache Relief To-Go contains for relief is aspirin and caffeine. And it isn’t very hard to simply carry around two pills. Especially when this product costs $1.39 each.

Overall I really like the Headache Relief to Go packets by Urgent RX. Its hard not to, they’re uber convenient, look great and are supposed to work really well. The only problem that I have is the price, which is a lot to spend, especially if headaches are a common thing.

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