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Review: New Skin Liquid Bandage

liqued spray bandage

As a part of my Voxbox promoting healthy living, I received this New Skin Liquid Bandage spray in the mail to try out. I’ve already done a review of Headache relief to go and  a review of weight loss tablets. By far though these bandages are my favorite. They’ve been around forever, although the spray might be new and these liquid bandages by New Skin really do work.

Starting with the packaging. My New Skin Liquid Spray Bandage box was a little damaged when it came to me, but by no fault of the company. i love that it has  a ton of information about who the product is for, and what it does. The bottle inside is a metal can with an aerosol spray covered with a blue protection cap.

Opening up the cap you first notice a terrible smell, which although a little overwhelming is the only bad thing about this spray. It goes on well and is meant as an antiseptic bandage to cover and protect wounds, prevent blisters and calluses. For paper cuts, blisters, scraps. Used by hikers, bikers, bowlers, golfers, tennis players, fishermen, and runners. 

Overall I really like the New[-skin liquid spray bandage. I remember using the liquid drop kind at a friend’s house when I was a child, and since then application has gotten easier, but the new skin liquid bandage works just as well. I only wish it smelled a little nicer.

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