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Review: Sally Hansen No Hard Feelings

Sally Hansen Purple Nail Polish

 A little while back I talked about how I had to remove my nail polish because I really wanted to review  a light purple nail lacquer that looked oh so pretty in the bottle. Well, that nail enamel just so happened to be this Sally Hasan Hard As Nails No Hard Feelings nail polish. I’m happy to say that it looks just as nice in the bottle as in does on my nails. Not only that, but it goes on well, with very minimal problems (one actually, and that might be my fault) dries quickly and lasts for a long time with no chipping. 

Starting with the packaging. I’ve recently reviewed another Sally Hansen nail polish that, just like this No Hard Feelings light purple, is a part of their Hard as Nails collection, Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow but the packaging was quite different. To me the No Hard Feelings bottle is a lot nicer looking. It has flat sides and rounded edges, making it very easy to store for those, especially for those of use who have a large polish collection. I also like the change to a black top, that looks more professional and really more expensive looking and is so much easier to get on and off then the other Hard as Nails bottle. The only thing I don’t like, is that the nail polish number 370 and name No Hard Feelings is only on a sticker at the top, a sticker that can easily fall off. 

Sally Hansen Purple Nail polish swatches

Application was easy, the brush didn’t have any defects and worked well, not as well as the sponge brush on Sally Hansen Grass Slipper, but you can’t always have it all. No Hard Feelings is a very opaque lacquer, surprising since its a very light purple. I put on two very thin coats and got full coverer age, and really the first coat, even as thin as it was might have been enough. The only problem I had was at the ends the polish kind of clotted up, but the more I think about it the less I think its a Sally Hansen Hard as Nails formula problem and the more I think its because I didn’t cut my nails evenly.

Wear is very good on the No Hard Feeling nail enamel. It doesn’t peel or chip off and the color stays consistent shiny and smooth. This is a great light purple for any time of year especially spring and works very well and is at a great price point. I also recommend, a darker purple Wet n’ Wild on a Trip if you’re looking for something a little less feminine than No Hard Feelings by Sally Hansen Hard as Nails.


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