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Review: Spoiled Battle of the Sexes Nail Polish

Spoiled Purple Glitter Polish

 I did a review of Sally Hansen No Hard Feelings nail lacquer the other day, and on top of it I put this dark purple (and a little bit of blue) glittery Battle of the Sexes Nail Polish by Wet n’ Wild Spoiled. I had heard from another blogger that adding a glitter top coat, vs a clear top coat makes your manicure last longer, and I have to say after using Battle of the Sexes that I’m a full believer of that, and that I love Wet n’ Wild’s Spoiled brand of nail enamel.

The Spoiled Collection from Wet n’ Wild looks very different then their other polishes, like Mega Last On a Trip, which has its advantages and disadvantages.  For display the bottle of Battle of the Sexes is very pretty, the glitter sparkles well in the bottle, but all the edges are round, so the Spoiled collection is a little harder to store. Opening and closing the nail lacquer bottle is very easy though because the handle is quite large.

Putting the purple and blue glitter of Battle of the Sexes (get the name?) on, I realized that this polish is much darker than I had remembered it being when I did the Spoiled Collection Post. Its not at all as glitter heavy as I expected, meaning I can see a lot more of my original purple, and there is a lot more blue glitter than there seemed to be. The purple is a medium shade, and the blue is fairly light, much different than it looks in the Battle of the Sexes nail polish bottle.

When this polish goes on though, its like a dream. Even with my skills it glided across my nails, not leaving any bumps or uneven places. Adding this Battle of the Sexes blue and purple nail glitter made a huge difference in my manicure. It doesn’t dry to a smooth finish, but by no means will your nail feel rough.

Overall I really like Spoiled by Wet n’ Wild Battle of the Sexes Blue and Purple glitter nail polish. It goes on easily, makes a manicure last and creates a very finished manicure look. Not to mention as a drug store polish, its at a very good price. For a more solid purple glitter I would check out LA Colors Morning Glory.


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