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Review: BA Star Shimmer Base

BA Star Base

You may already know a little bit about BA Star from my BA Star Deep Plum Eye Shadow review. Basically they’re a makeup company that’s made specifically for Competitive Cheerleading and Dance Teams, and you know what that means. Bright colors and long wear, both of which the BA Star brand offers in high quantity.  With this shimmer base your makeup look can last through a marathon.

BA Star’s Body Shimmer base comes in a round tube that resembles quite well a tube of lip gloss. Even its applicator is like the lip gloss’s. Its a long cylinder shape until you get to the end where it tappers off to be about half its previous size and has a flat side. On the outside is the product brand as well as what it is, a Shimmer eye makeup base and ingredients. Although it is white you really can’t see what its going to be like inside.

To use apply shimmer base evenly to skin where you’re going to be applying makeup. Then apply eyeliner and eyeshadow and let dry. It goes on clear, not even a hint of white, but that shimmer is there for sure. Its not quite as glittery has very similar to my KKCenterHK Haul in terms of the shimmer amount. 

For wear and use the BA Star Body Shimmer base does very well. It worked all day for me, but of course with BA makeup that was expected. Actually even when I went to the pool, (I didn’t go underwater) my eye make all stayed there. Taking it off was easy though with a makeup remover and I didn’t have any trouble with it pulling at my skin during removal.

The BA Star Shimmer Body Base is a great product to make your eye makeup last all day long. Its not sticky and is easy to use, even for a beginner. I love that it has the shimmer added so if you apply it a little further than the rest of your makeup you’ll have a nice slight sparkle. 


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