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Review: Nonni’s THINaddictives

crunchy healthy cookie packaged

I received these Nonni’s THINaddictives along with other things featured in the healthy living VoxBox. When I first saw it, I wasn’t all that interested in trying it out. I mean, it looks a little like a dried up piece of bread. Maybe I shouldn’t admit this, but I had all my intentions set on giving this Nonni’s THINaddictives a bad review. I mean come on even the name is pompous, and if there is one thing I hate more than someone being Buay Paiseh is someone who is full of themselves. 

Knowing that I was going to have a long school day I brought along with me this Nonni’s THINaddictives to snack on. Thinking it was going to be bad, the first time I was hungry I instead had my Zone Nutrition Bar but after a while I started to get hungry again, actually right before math class, so I decided to try this THINaddictives snack.

When I first took a bite I couldn’t believe how good it tasted. I mean It was hard like I thought it was going to be, but not really. All of the cranberries and nuts were very soft and chewy. This Nonni’s THINaddictives was so good that I even wanted to eat the crumbs.

Overall I really like this healthy cookie. It has cranberries and almonds, both of which are very soft, and the Nonn’s THINaddictives cookie part is crunchy but not hard. I will be buying these again.


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